Patient assessors give Will Adams NHS Treatment Centre top marks

Our treatment centre received a 100 percent score for its levels of cleanliness from patient assessors during this year’s Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) inspection.


The Will Adams NHS Treatment Centre, in Beechings Way, was awarded scores by the assessors all well above the national average:

  • Cleanliness                                                                100 per cent
  • Condition, Appearance and Maintenance                  97.6 per cent
  • Privacy, Dignity and Wellbeing                                   87.5 per cent
  • Dementia                                                                    90 per cent
  • Disability                                                                     92.1 per cent.


The PLACE inspections seek to ensure that every NHS patient is cared for with compassion and dignity in a clean, safe environment. The inspections are carried out by a team that includes local patient assessors who are given training for the task. In Gillingham, an inspection team drawn from patient forums as well as external and internal assessors spent the day carrying out the rigorous assessment and spoke to patients as well as interviewing team members.

success story at Will Adams treatement centre


Hospital Director Patricia Warwick said: “PLACE is so important because it gives patients the chance to feedback their views at a national level, as well as at a local one, and it helps us to ensure that our service is responsive at the individual level.

“We work hard to offer people across Kent a service that is caring and that delivers the best possible medical outcomes in a clean, safe and friendly environment. I was particularly pleased to hear the assessor’s feedback on how well the team support those living with dementia or disabilities.

“These patients may be amongst the most vulnerable and it is important they are supported throughout their treatment both physically, in the layout and facilities of the centre, and through the support of colleagues explaining treatment and delivering professional and empathetic care.

“I think it is this attention to detail and dignity that leads us to receiving consistently high Family & Friends scores, with at least 99 per cent of our patients reporting they would recommend us to their family and friends.”