Do you know your rights as a carer?

According to figures from Carers UK, 6,000 people take on caring responsibilities every single day supporting a loved one who is older, disabled or seriously ill.

Caring on top of balancing a work, home and family life can put a serious strain on physical and mental health, with some struggling with their own poor health too. Over 3 million carers juggle their caring responsibilities with work, however the significant demands of caring mean that one in five carers are forced to give up work altogether. One in eight of these people are unpaid for caring for a family member or friend.

For many it has come on suddenly when a loved one becomes ill, is involved in an accident, or when a child is born with a disability; for others, caring responsibilities creep up gradually as a parent can no longer cope on their own, or a partner’s health gradually deteriorates.  Many of these carers don’t know what rights they have or where they can go to get the help and support they need, leaving them lonely or perhaps even frightened with their situation.

If you are a carer, or know someone who is, and may be struggling, you can find practical and financial support alongside information to help manage the impact of caring on your health and relationships, on the Carers UK website, Carers Trust website, and on the NHS website.